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Because “I’m Sorry” Matters

One of the most important gifts we can give our children is teaching them when it is appropriate to say they are sorry. Have you ever met someone who thinks apologizing is a weakness? It hurts everyone involved when a family member or friend lacks this important skill. Make a point of letting your kids hear you apologize to your spouse, or someone you bump into at a grocery store. And while you’re at it, apologize to your children when you make a mistake. This can also be an opportunity to teach them forgiveness as well.

Be a positive example for your kids.  Watch your language, actions, and interactions.  Be courteous and be kind. Be the role model you wanted as a kid and be the role model your kid needs. Live as if the quality of your child’s life depended on it. Because, it does.

Bridge Building Takeaways

  • Realize that you have been influenced by the adults and friends closest to you throughout your life.  What are some of the positive behaviors that you learned from them? How about the negative ones?
  • What manners lessons do you think would help your child?
  • Who do you consider your role models? What did they do or not do to earn your respect?